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Copyblogger is running a haiku writing contest and giving away a MacBook Air, Product Launch Formula 2.0, and the Teaching Sells online training program. I want the MacBook!

To that end, I've written a "morphing" haiku -- each line of the haiku morphs into the next, taking me from writing the haiku on line one...
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Every once in a while, I remember this movie I saw on TV a few times when I was a kid, but I can never remember what it was called. LazyWeb, help! And while you're at it, I've got another one.

Here's what I can remember about the first movie:

* The main characters ar...
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Imagine you're facing a wall that stretches forever off in either direction. We all know that the further parts of the wall look smaller than the closer parts. That's called "perspective". We tend to imagines lines of perspective aiming straight toward some distant point, but in fact they don't.

Consider this image:

If the perspective...
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I'm not one to spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos, but videos like this make me wonder whether I'm missing more than I realized. This is the first take of Weird Al and Donny Osmond in front of the green screen shooting the video. In the final video, you only saw a little...
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Rogers Cadenhead points out today that the title character of the TV series "House" bears obviously intentional similaries to Sherlock Holmes, thus the name "House". And here I thought they'd called the show "House" because "Jackass" and "The Jerk" were already taken by movies. I can't stand that show.

I won! In Bubble Wrap had a quick contest today to see who could send in the first iBW-themed haiku, the winner getting a copy of The Big Moo. Here's my entry, which turned out to be first:

Sleep awakens my

floating world of ecstasy

bathed in Bubble Wrap

The "floating world", or "ukiyo" in...
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Here are lame, atrocious bills-

Bogus bills!

Of attempt at trickery, their stationery smells!

With a sneaky sneer of spite

How they seem almost alright!

To unlucky souls they say

"Here's what you must pay, pay,

Send it soon."

Cleptomaniacs appealing for the money of the crier,

It's a bad, bad, bad extortion by...
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Again, apologies to Edgar Allen Poe :-)


Read the moldy water bills,

Grimy bills!

What a world of drippiness their damp content refills!

Dew on barmy head alights

How the drippings give me frights!

From the liquid-schmiquid drops,

And my plugged drain,

What a limpid puddle plops

'Neath a turtle's belly flops, while she...
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(Apologies to Edgar Allen Poe)


Tear the envelopes, read the bills-

Stupid bills!

What a world of melancholy their advent instills!

Oh they stink, stink, stink,

In my icy grip of fright!

While the stars revolve, I think,

How the hell I'll eat and drink

With my bank balance so light;

They are slime,...
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Troubled mind

Axe to grind

Future defined

National pain

Hopeful refrain

Ethnic distain

Aryan mythology

Synaptic topology

Goodbye doxology

Political games

Global flames

Faceless names

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