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A few months ago, I shifted gears to focus on a few major projects, some of which are outside of the webmaster and marketing tools space that I'd focused primarily on for quite a while. One of those projects is a new website to sell a machine vision software package that I'd done some contracting...
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I got an email from eBay today. The subject line was "don't disappoint them - get the hottest toys".

I understand that marketers want to tap into emotions to motivate people to buy. And that's okay.

Up to a point.

Let's make eBay's message a little more explicit: "If you don't buy everything your kids...
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I'll have to explain that headline, won't I?

I'm about to completely overhaul the way CaRP Evolution, Grouper Evolution, and some of my other products are sold. Instead of giving away a stripped down version of the apps for free, the core application will be free -- the full version. Plugins and add-ons (like Lobst...
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I just sent an updated version of Lobster - my RSS feed reader to all CaRP users. This revision adds Twitter support -- tweet directly from your feed reader.

Lobster automatically generates tweet text from the title and link from each RSS item. Edit it as desired, select which of your Twitter accounts to post...
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Yesterday, I decided it was high time to scratch an old itch, so I built myself an RSS feed reader. It uses CaRP Evolution's MySQL plugin to store parsed RSS feed items in a database. I think this is the first time I've used that plugin for a real project.

My three biggest complaints about...
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I've just posted a history of the development of CaRP Evolution, running from the creation of my first free PHP RSS parser up through the additions of CaRP Koi and Evolution, and the version 4 upgrade, with a very small hint at the future (it's getting renamed, but the new name isn't going to be...
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A little over a year and a half ago, when John Reese announced his BlogRush service, I thought "oh, c**p," (that word isn't "CaRP" :-) "one of the big boys beat me to my idea." At the time, I'd begun working on a site that was going to be similar, but with a few key...
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I've picked up more than 50 new followers in Twitter over the last 24 hours, including a few big names like Matt Bacak, Stephen Pierce, John Alanis and others. It doesn't look like anyone tweeted about me and recommended following me, and there's nothing in Google blog search that would explain it.

So I'm left...
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You know the old saying: "Give a man a dollar and he'll eat a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger. Teach a man to earn a dollar and he'll die from eating Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers."

Well, it's something like that.

Russell Brunson and I are launching a new website where you can get 5 things for a dollar,...
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2008 has been quite a year. I wasn't able to finish one big project I'd hoped to complete (I still need to learn to manage distractions better), but the year has seen a number of good developments, both business and personal. Here are some highlights:

My efforts to make "internet marketing guru" contacts that started...
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