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I'll have to explain that headline, won't I?

I'm about to completely overhaul the way CaRP Evolution, Grouper Evolution, and some of my other products are sold. Instead of giving away a stripped down version of the apps for free, the core application will be free -- the full version. Plugins and add-ons (like Lobst...
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Yesterday, I decided it was high time to scratch an old itch, so I built myself an RSS feed reader. It uses CaRP Evolution's MySQL plugin to store parsed RSS feed items in a database. I think this is the first time I've used that plugin for a real project.

My three biggest complaints about...
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I've just posted a history of the development of CaRP Evolution, running from the creation of my first free PHP RSS parser up through the additions of CaRP Koi and Evolution, and the version 4 upgrade, with a very small hint at the future (it's getting renamed, but the new name isn't going to be...
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A little over a year and a half ago, when John Reese announced his BlogRush service, I thought "oh, c**p," (that word isn't "CaRP" :-) "one of the big boys beat me to my idea." At the time, I'd begun working on a site that was going to be similar, but with a few key...
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2008 has been quite a year. I wasn't able to finish one big project I'd hoped to complete (I still need to learn to manage distractions better), but the year has seen a number of good developments, both business and personal. Here are some highlights:

My efforts to make "internet marketing guru" contacts that started...
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I just uploaded version 2.0 of CaRP/WP (an RSS plugin for WordPress) to my server. CaRP/WP works with CaRP to display RSS feed content, including affiliate feeds and YouTube videos, in the posts and pages of WordPress blogs. This version also enables CaRP/WP to work as a sidebar widget.

I may as well say it before someone else does -- I'm a greedy S.O.B.! And by "greedy", I mean that I'd like to pay off credit cards, family members and medical bills and start saving some money.

Why am I hearing Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick singing "I'm a Goofy Goober" in my head? Oh...
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I've released two new plugins for CaRP Evolution this week: One for podcasts and one for sorting.

The podcast plugin uses the 1 Pixel Out Audio Player (which is a WordPress plugin, but can be used without WordPress) to display Flash-powered MP3 audio players for each podcast. You can see an example on the podcast...
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A few months ago, I subscribed to the blog of super affiliate and author of The Super Affiliate Handbook Rosalind Gardner's blog. This morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see a review of my RSS to HTML converter script, CaRP Evolution on it.

Thanks Rosalind, and while I'm at it, thanks Shawn Collins for letting...
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Twitter has a widget that you can use to display your latest update in your blog sidebar or elsewhere on your website. But it's...well, not perfect. I found that it was bigger than necessary for the text it contained, and the empty space didn't exactly enhance the look of my blog.

So I wrote my...
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