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Grouper : XML to RSS Converter


I have 95 extra copies of a CD I created for a conference I attended recently, which I'm making available to the public. The contents include full versions of my scroller script (Tetra), exit hover ad script (ExPop) and viral mailing list mailer (List Mailer GT Pro), along with limited edition versions of my RSS...
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I sent out Grouper Evolution version 1.6.3 yesterday. I'd been working on a much more ambitious upgrade, but decided that it was important to get a few of the improvements out now.

The most visible and important change is an overhaul of the affiliate plugin. The original plugin was based on data sent to...
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In response to user requests, I just released Moray, a script which uses CaRP and Grouper to filter and aggregate RSS feeds, and republish them in RSS 2.0 format. It's a free download, and can be used with the free version of CaRP, but requires the commercial version of Grouper ($17.97 for a single user)....
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I've posted an Affiliate marketing example showing a way to create a search page for multiple affiliates programs. A few noteworthy notes:

1) The affiliate search results are displayed on your website so that if your visitor doesn't find anything interesting in their searches, they're still on your site.

2) Default search terms relevant to...
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Support for the Atom format is growing, but it's certainly not as extensive as support for RSS. Because of this, it is sometimes useful to be able to convert Atom feeds to RSS. If, for example, you are using CaRP to display RSS feeds on your website, and you find an Atom feed you'd like...
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