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I got an email from eBay today. The subject line was "don't disappoint them - get the hottest toys".

I understand that marketers want to tap into emotions to motivate people to buy. And that's okay.

Up to a point.

Let's make eBay's message a little more explicit: "If you don't buy everything your kids...
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I just sent an updated version of Lobster - my RSS feed reader to all CaRP users. This revision adds Twitter support -- tweet directly from your feed reader.

Lobster automatically generates tweet text from the title and link from each RSS item. Edit it as desired, select which of your Twitter accounts to post...
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I've picked up more than 50 new followers in Twitter over the last 24 hours, including a few big names like Matt Bacak, Stephen Pierce, John Alanis and others. It doesn't look like anyone tweeted about me and recommended following me, and there's nothing in Google blog search that would explain it.

So I'm left...
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I've released two new plugins for CaRP Evolution this week: One for podcasts and one for sorting.

The podcast plugin uses the 1 Pixel Out Audio Player (which is a WordPress plugin, but can be used without WordPress) to display Flash-powered MP3 audio players for each podcast. You can see an example on the podcast...
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I'm a reseller of internet marketing millionaire Russell Brunson's Affiliate Landmine site. I've noticed that a lot of resellers make the first month cheap to lure a lot of people in, but then jack the price up to $19.95 beginning the second month.

I've decided that rather than getting a bunch of freebie seekers in...
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Twitter has a widget that you can use to display your latest update in your blog sidebar or elsewhere on your website. But it's...well, not perfect. I found that it was bigger than necessary for the text it contained, and the empty space didn't exactly enhance the look of my blog.

So I wrote my...
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AWeber is a great service, and for the most part I'm very happy with it. But it does have a few irritating problems. Here's my list of the worst. Have any pet peeves that aren't listed? Share them in the comments.

Just Plain Wrong

There's one feature where my complaint isn't just a matter of...
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A product/service that I won't name has a video on their sales page claiming that over 300% of affiliate commissions are stolen.


I can only guess that they mean that for every $1 in commissions earned, $3 of commissions that should have been earned aren't. Uh, guys, that's 75%. If 300% was getting stolen,...
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I sent out Grouper Evolution version 1.6.3 yesterday. I'd been working on a much more ambitious upgrade, but decided that it was important to get a few of the improvements out now.

The most visible and important change is an overhaul of the affiliate plugin. The original plugin was based on data sent to...
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How's that for a headline? I'm trying out a new sales page for Fast JV with a little more..."spice", shall we say?

Perhaps you've heard of the "AIDA" model of selling, where you first try to grab Attention, then inspire Interest, next arouse Desire, and finally provoke to Action. One popular technique for catching a...
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