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Antone Roundy on life and personal issues


If you're anything like I used to be, getting regular exercise is a chore that you have a hard time sticking to for long. Hopefully my experience slaying that dragon will help. (Plus, you can download a free script I created to help near the end of this post.)

I'd known for years that I...
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Over the past year or two, I've gotten some pretty decent stuff for free: a piano, a 48" rear projection TV, a 17" computer monitor, a file cabinet, some shelves, a couple pickup loads of lumber, etc.

The way I do it is I go to craigslist and subscribe to the "free stuff" category in...
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2008 has been quite a year. I wasn't able to finish one big project I'd hoped to complete (I still need to learn to manage distractions better), but the year has seen a number of good developments, both business and personal. Here are some highlights:

My efforts to make "internet marketing guru" contacts that started...
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Russell Brunson's Zero to $100 Million Challenge started last week. I've been (and still am) pretty busy, so I just got around to joining today.

I've been following Russell and his company since last year a little before I launched my Guru Stalker website, and based on what I've already learned from him, I'm very...
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I may as well say it before someone else does -- I'm a greedy S.O.B.! And by "greedy", I mean that I'd like to pay off credit cards, family members and medical bills and start saving some money.

Why am I hearing Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick singing "I'm a Goofy Goober" in my head? Oh...
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I just got done playing "Olympic Baseball" with my five year old. I hit the ball and he handed out medals.

If the ball (his little plastic ball, pitched by his little popup toy) hit the fence, I got a bronze. If it cleared the fence into the back yard, I got silver. And if...
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During the last summer olympics, NBC seemed to think we'd be more interested in watching their biographical vignettes than the athletes' performances. It was the low point in a string of olympics that made me really wish they didn't have the exclusive U.S. broadcasting rights. And I really didn't like Bob Costas.

Based on this...
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When a store goes above and beyond the call of duty, I always feel like giving them a shout out.

Today, I finally got around to exchanging my birthday present from back in June (or was it a fathers day present? The two are so close--sometimes the same day--that I forget). My wife had gotten...
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It's 1:30 am, and I just came in from checking out Jupiter and four of its moons in my little telescope. It was even cooler than when I first looked at Saturn just after getting the telescope a few months ago.

The moment it appeared in the eyepiece, before even focusing, I immediately recognized what...
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I think I got stung by a wasp yesterday. You're probably thinking that's not how people usually describe the experience, so let me explain.

My brother in law brought some fireworks over yesterday including a few of the kind that shoot out parachutes. The two big ones were amazing -- there's wasn't that much of...
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