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In my dream, I'm playing soccer. The field is crowded with players, few of whom are wearing uniforms, so it's difficult to tell who's on which team. Soon after the dreams starts, I become our goalie. One of my teammates is standing right in front of me, blocking my view of the ball, which allows...
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In my dream, I am arriving at a place where a laser-tag like game is played (more description later). As I arrive, I'm with some Japanese friends, some of whom I believe were former coworkers at Claris, but later, it seems I'm with a group of singles from my church.At the opening of the game...
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In my dream, I am back in Japan riding a train. I get off the train, and onto a unicycle. After traveling some distance through town (mercifully, most of it downhill), I am nearing the place where I live. I part ways with some Japanese people I know, but haven't exactly been traveling with, and...
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In my dream, I'm walking down the road off the hill where I grew up. I turn off onto another road, and the second house on the right is where Kurt Vonnegut lives! A lady goes to his door, and when he answers, proposes writing a sequel to Cat's Cradle. She describes some of her...
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In my dream, I am in the backyard of the home where I grew up (though it is quite different, as things often are in dreams). I take a careless step on some sort of plant with small barbs. Some get stuck in my foot, though they don't hurt unless I step on them.There is...
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In my dream, I am in a tall tree. There is a wolf below which jumps up and tries to bite me. I manage to evade it five times by swinging from a rope or something. After five tries, as expected (why? I don't know), it tires and leaves.

In my dream, I am thinking that I've discovered a way to do back flips better than I used to (in reality, I can...or at least used to be able standing back flips, but tend to be a little lower than I'd like on the landing). I figure that if I go into a...
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In my dream, my wife and I are in a room. She is watching something on video, and the picture quality is degrading. I mention that I have the same movie on DVD. She comments to the effect that she was watching it on video out of the excitement of having her own video system...
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In my dream, I and a friend or two (from elementary school through high school) are on the roof of a skyscraper. Looking across the city, we see two buildings that look like the World Trade Center towers, though one is quite a bit taller than the other. We are higher than the top of...
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In my dream, I and a few others are on or near an ocean atoll or some similar island in a body of water. There is a dragon or sea monster there which we are trying to evade. After he has seen where I am, I swim underwater to try to move unseen. It is...
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