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A few days ago, I was surprised to see that, according to Google Webmaster Tools, a lot of the pages on several of my sites were marked as "Not Selected" for indexing. Usually, that would indicate duplicate content, or that there are multiple URLs that can be used to access the same pages on your...
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If you use Amazon's KindleGen program to generate Kindle eBooks on the Mac, I've got a little script for you that will enable you to drag-and-drop your source material and run KindleGen automatically, rather than having to open a Terminal window and type filenames and paths on the command line.

Copy the following code and...
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I recently got a new Mac Mini. I love having so much computer in such a small, quiet package. But I do have a few gripes about changes between Leopard and Lion, mostly having to do with differences between Spaces and Mission Control.

First, when I switch between apps (using cmd-tab or by clicking an...
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A few months ago, I shifted gears to focus on a few major projects, some of which are outside of the webmaster and marketing tools space that I'd focused primarily on for quite a while. One of those projects is a new website to sell a machine vision software package that I'd done some contracting...
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What I like about Firefox's App Tabs is how narrow they are -- just the width of an icon, plus a little padding. What I don't like about Firefox's App Tabs is how narrow they are...

I use an App Tab for Google+. I'd also be using them for GMail and SEO Content Factory if...
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I've got an idea I'd like to suggest, but don't feel inclined to champion right now. So I post it here and either come back to it later, or let someone else run with it.

First, a little background.

While working on the Atom feed format, one issue we ran into was how to embed...
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I got another of those emails from SpamArrest today asking me to verify that one of the emails to my mailing list wasn't spam. This time, something on SpamArrest's website struck me as ironic, if not downright hypocritical.

SpamArrest is a whitelisting service -- they block email from anyone who the recipient hasn't opted in...
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Last week, the GAP unveiled a new logo to a fairly negative reception. Personally, I think they deserved the backlash -- the new logo was generic and unmemorable. Yesterday, they abandoned the new logo and reverted to the old one.

This morning, Econsultancy reported the news:

But did Gap make the right decision by ditching...
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Okay, this is funny. When I configured my GMail account to send mail as my email address at my domain, it sent a confirmation email to the address I'd specified. That email address forwards everything to my GMail account.

After several minutes, the confirmation email hadn't arrived. So I checked my server logs. Sure enough,...
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Wow, what a stormy issue this has become! The following was going to be a follow-up comment over on Andy Beard's blog, but it got a little too long. Here's my take on the issue:

I guess I see it a little differently. Let me see if I can explain in a way that at...
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