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Antone Roundy on email and SPAM


I got another of those emails from SpamArrest today asking me to verify that one of the emails to my mailing list wasn't spam. This time, something on SpamArrest's website struck me as ironic, if not downright hypocritical.

SpamArrest is a whitelisting service -- they block email from anyone who the recipient hasn't opted in...
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Okay, this is funny. When I configured my GMail account to send mail as my email address at my domain, it sent a confirmation email to the address I'd specified. That email address forwards everything to my GMail account.

After several minutes, the confirmation email hadn't arrived. So I checked my server logs. Sure enough,...
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For the most part, I love AWeber. But as I wrote last year, they've got a few really irritating problems. Here's my latest gripe.

About a month ago, I deleted 11 follow-up messages from one of my autoresponder sequences -- they weren't converting, so I axed 'em.

AWeber keeps track of the last follow-up message...
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Yesterday, I suggested we organize a Day Without Email where we'd all shut off our SMTP servers for a day. We wouldn't send any email out, and no email would come in. (But messages to us wouldn't get lost because the senders' servers would keep retrying till we turned our SMTP servers back on tomorrow)....
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I've had it! This morning I could barely connect to my server because it was so overrun with bounces of spam sent by people spoofing my email addresses (ie. spammers sending email with an email address at one of my domains in the senders address). I'm not kidding. The traffic was so heavy that HTTP...
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Ever wonder just how much of a problem spam email is? To give you an idea, here in no particular order are the 1,231 IP addresses from which my email server received at least 3 messages sent to invalid addresses within a single 5 minute period over the course of 4 hours.

That sentence may...
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AWeber is a great service, and for the most part I'm very happy with it. But it does have a few irritating problems. Here's my list of the worst. Have any pet peeves that aren't listed? Share them in the comments.

Just Plain Wrong

There's one feature where my complaint isn't just a matter of...
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I've noticed something a little odd in the spam I've been getting lately. The message begins "Hello! I'm bored tonight. I am nice girl that would like to chat...". So far so, uh, bad -- nothing unusual in that. The odd thing is that with virtually all of these messages, the name of the sender...
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Even the big boys sometimes shoot themselves in the foot. Something Shawn Casey is doing is hurting his email deliverability and probably his response rates, and while I know why he's doing it, there is a better way...

Hi Shawn,

I tried to get this message to you through your help desk, but I got...
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After my transition from to Thunderbird today, I discovered that quite a few messages that I had deleted long ago in had reappeared in Thunderbird. Here's my theory of how it happened and how people using can be sure that they're not wasting a lot of hard drive space on deleted messages....
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