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Antone Roundy on video technology and software


I've just posted a new page on Chordata called "Net Pulse News". It pulls the hottest search trends from Google Trends, and displays news, blog and video search results based on those keywords.

Google Trends identifies the hottest trends in search -- the keywords that massive numbers of people have recently started searching for. When...
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I've just added a YouTube plugin to my RSS to HTML converter script, CaRP.

Using the new plugin, you can display YouTube videos on your website using their preconfigured RSS feeds (for example, recently added, top rated, most viewed, etc.), or you can get a feed for any tag or YouTube user by following the...
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I've finally done it -- Saturday night, I posted my first video on YouTube. It's one that I made for my Guru Stalker website, but I'll embed it here too:

I'll keep "vodcasting" under that persona and see how it plays.

Oh, and stay tuned for a much more polished video for the song you...
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I'm not one to spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos, but videos like this make me wonder whether I'm missing more than I realized. This is the first take of Weird Al and Donny Osmond in front of the green screen shooting the video. In the final video, you only saw a little...
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I just published my first ScreenCast (if you don't see it, it's because I'm split testing against the old version of that webpage, and you got the old one--sorry!) I checked out some Mac software first, but ditched it almost imediately--useless. I tried Wink next, but found it wholly unsuitable both for recording audio and...
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Mac OS X users, if you have a recent copy of Toast, you have an iMovie plugin for making Video CDs. If not, MMT-EZ may be just the thing for you. It saved me a lot of trouble today.

I have an older copy of Toast that I purchased while still using MacOS 9. Until...
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For those who don't read Japanese, this entry's title means "iMovie: loveMovie? hateMovie! But not really." I had a bad experience with iMovie the other day. But I still love it.

What happened was this: last Christmas, my dad gave my wife and I a digital camera. Since then, we've amassed a small collection of...
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MacNN | Apple products in new Bressi Ranch homes: "Homebuilder Lennar’s new communities in Bressi Ranch will include the latest digital lifestyle technology from Apple. The new homes will feature Apple’s iBook G4 laptop computers, loaded with iLife ’05, Apple’s award-winning suite of digital lifestyle applications, featuring the latest versions of iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, GarageBand...
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The new H.264 codec in QuickTime 7 offers two to three times better compression than MPEG-2 video, enabling HD video to be encoded at about the same bitrate as today's DVDs. This should be a huge benefit for online video applications such as iChat and online movie watching.

Macworld: Feature: Sharpening the picture

I don't spend nearly enough time in iMovie. I have Adobe Premier and After Effects, but they're not what keep me away. If I were to do a complex movie, I'm sure I'd use them, but for anything that's not too fancy, iMovie is just easier. Maybe having an iMovie-related blog will remind me of...
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