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There are a million ways to make money (or if you're already making money, there are a million ways to make more money). But none of us has time to do all of them. And few of us have the desire to do all that we have time for. Part of the secret to success...
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Two simple steps to higher search engine placement: "Search Engine Optimization doesn't have to mean paying gobs of money to self-proclaimed professionals with questionable qualifications. Nor does it have to mean hiring an army of copywriters to fill your site with content. Two simple steps will boost your search engine ranking and give visitors a...
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If your search engine optimization efforts are focused solely and capturing visitors who are searching for products like yours, you may be missing a huge chunk of your market. Don't forget about those people who are looking for complementary products, services and information.

Over the last six months, some of the things I've done that...
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However high or low your page is in Google's rankings, more people will visit your site if the text that appears in their search results interests them. How does Google determine what text to display? What can you do to control it?

Obvious things first: The link text is taken from your page title. If...
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I've just posted a keyword density analyzer on my site. Use it to check whether your webpages repeat the keywords you want to optimize for the proper number of times. Don't repeat them often enough, and the search engines won't know what your page it about. Repeat them too often, and search engines will discount...
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I've just posted a new SEO article on how to increase your PageRank by creating more web pages. It covers a few dos and don'ts to help you maximize the benefit you get from adding new webpages to your site.

In response to my article on using RSS for SEO, the question has arisen of whether outbound links from a web page really reduce its PageRank. The answer? Yes and no.

Without going into too much detail, Google doesn't take PageRank away from one page and give it to another, so the answer is no....
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The SOS Band may not have been thinking about web design when they recorded "Take Your Time (Do It Right)", but that doesn't mean we can't apply their words to our craft. "Baby we can do it, take the time, do it right." If you build your website right the first time, you'll reap the...
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I've just posted an article titled SEO: Using RSS to increase relevance and maximize freshness, outlining how to display newsfeeds on a webpage, and optimize their display for SEO purposes. Details include: using free software to display newsfeeds, using semantic markup to emphasize keywords, and a technique for avoiding giving away PageRank.

When a search engine spider reads the text of your webpage, it sees a lot of words. How does it figure out whether the topic of your page is the word "the", the most common word on the page, or "Thneeds", the product you're selling? It's partly a matter of the search engine ignoring common...
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