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Last week, the GAP unveiled a new logo to a fairly negative reception. Personally, I think they deserved the backlash -- the new logo was generic and unmemorable. Yesterday, they abandoned the new logo and reverted to the old one.

This morning, Econsultancy reported the news:

But did Gap make the right decision by ditching...
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Wow, what a stormy issue this has become! The following was going to be a follow-up comment over on Andy Beard's blog, but it got a little too long. Here's my take on the issue:

I guess I see it a little differently. Let me see if I can explain in a way that at...
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If this list were worthy to be on itself, it'd just a be a list. But it takes laziness to be that bad, and I'm just not that lazy. Let me explain.

You've seen 'em: "54 great call to action buttons", "32 cool jQuery accordion menu scripts", "79 great header graphics for inspirtion", "15,327 free...
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A little over a year and a half ago, when John Reese announced his BlogRush service, I thought "oh, c**p," (that word isn't "CaRP" :-) "one of the big boys beat me to my idea." At the time, I'd begun working on a site that was going to be similar, but with a few key...
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I just uploaded version 2.0 of CaRP/WP (an RSS plugin for WordPress) to my server. CaRP/WP works with CaRP to display RSS feed content, including affiliate feeds and YouTube videos, in the posts and pages of WordPress blogs. This version also enables CaRP/WP to work as a sidebar widget.

Twitter has a widget that you can use to display your latest update in your blog sidebar or elsewhere on your website. But it's...well, not perfect. I found that it was bigger than necessary for the text it contained, and the empty space didn't exactly enhance the look of my blog.

So I wrote my...
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Yesterday I started a new blog on a domain I'd been using mostly to redirect traffic to other sites. The domain name is "". The blog directory is "about". It's on a subdomain named "click". So the URLs to the blog posts and categories end up looking like this:

I called it "uber-optimized",...
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I've just posted a new page on Chordata called "Net Pulse News". It pulls the hottest search trends from Google Trends, and displays news, blog and video search results based on those keywords.

Google Trends identifies the hottest trends in search -- the keywords that massive numbers of people have recently started searching for. When...
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I've just released a new revision of the CaRP/WP WordPress plugin that integrates my RSS to HTML converter with WordPress. The new version adds support for the YouTube plugin that I just released for CaRP. Using it, you can display dynamically updating YouTube videos in your WordPress posts and pages.

The videos can be selected...
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You know that list of "update services" you configured your blog software to ping whenever you create a new post? If you copied it from the WordPress website (or any of a number of other sites on the web that have the same list) recently, you've got the wrong list.

When I say you've got...
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