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I've got an idea I'd like to suggest, but don't feel inclined to champion right now. So I post it here and either come back to it later, or let someone else run with it.

First, a little background.

While working on the Atom feed format, one issue we ran into was how to embed...
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I just sent an updated version of Lobster - my RSS feed reader to all CaRP users. This revision adds Twitter support -- tweet directly from your feed reader.

Lobster automatically generates tweet text from the title and link from each RSS item. Edit it as desired, select which of your Twitter accounts to post...
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Yesterday, I decided it was high time to scratch an old itch, so I built myself an RSS feed reader. It uses CaRP Evolution's MySQL plugin to store parsed RSS feed items in a database. I think this is the first time I've used that plugin for a real project.

My three biggest complaints about...
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When Google Reader debuted, there was no question -- it was as bad as all the other web-based feed readers. No way was I going to dump NetNewWire for it.

A few days ago, somebody (someone I follow on Twitter, I think -- perhaps Michel Fortin?) commented about how they use Google Reader, so I...
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A little over a year and a half ago, when John Reese announced his BlogRush service, I thought "oh, c**p," (that word isn't "CaRP" :-) "one of the big boys beat me to my idea." At the time, I'd begun working on a site that was going to be similar, but with a few key...
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I just uploaded version 2.0 of CaRP/WP (an RSS plugin for WordPress) to my server. CaRP/WP works with CaRP to display RSS feed content, including affiliate feeds and YouTube videos, in the posts and pages of WordPress blogs. This version also enables CaRP/WP to work as a sidebar widget.

I've released two new plugins for CaRP Evolution this week: One for podcasts and one for sorting.

The podcast plugin uses the 1 Pixel Out Audio Player (which is a WordPress plugin, but can be used without WordPress) to display Flash-powered MP3 audio players for each podcast. You can see an example on the podcast...
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Twitter has a widget that you can use to display your latest update in your blog sidebar or elsewhere on your website. But it's...well, not perfect. I found that it was bigger than necessary for the text it contained, and the empty space didn't exactly enhance the look of my blog.

So I wrote my...
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Magpie and CaRP are two popular RSS parser scripts, both written in PHP, but which is better? I did a quick comparison, and this is what I came up with. Yes, I am the creator of CaRP, so read carefully and decide for yourself whether you can trust me! I'll try to be as objective...
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I've just posted a new page on Chordata called "Net Pulse News". It pulls the hottest search trends from Google Trends, and displays news, blog and video search results based on those keywords.

Google Trends identifies the hottest trends in search -- the keywords that massive numbers of people have recently started searching for. When...
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