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I've posted an idea for an English phonetic spelling system before. It's an idea I'd still like to see implemented. But I've changed some of the details.

As I recently commented on Facebook (reproduced here since the comment isn't publicly visible):

The transition to phonetic spelling would be painful for a little while. But the...
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It's been said that capitalism is the worst economic system, except for all the rest.

The power and success of capitalism come from the fact that it tends to channel self-interest in ways that benefit society. A capitalist produces what people want, because that's what people will buy. If he's not able to produce one...
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Here's my proposal for a phonetic spelling system for English.

1) The only time letters might be doubled is when a vowel sound is held out long, for example, the end of "Utah".

2) Many schwas are not represented by a letter--if there's really a vowel sound in there, we don't punt and call it...
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English spelling is so busted, it sometimes amazes me that the language has been so successful. Take the letter "a" for example. Notice how it's pronounced differently in each of the following words:





Okay, there's a rule for the last one: "when two vowels go walking, the first one does the...
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