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The mental arcs of Antone Roundy


I've posted an idea for an English phonetic spelling system before. It's an idea I'd still like to see implemented. But I've changed some of the details.

As I recently commented on Facebook (reproduced here since the comment isn't publicly visible):

The transition to phonetic spelling would be painful for a little while. But the...
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This morning, Seth Godin published something that reminded me of some ideas I've turned over in my head before:

...the rationale ... appears to be that at some point, obedience transforms into self-control. That at some point, people start obeying themselves and become leaders. Self-control is without a doubt one of the building blocks of...
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A while back, I thought of two numbers that can be calculated using their digits: 25 = 52 and 127 = 27-1. Are there any others? At the time, I concluded that there aren't, but I don't remember everything I went through to decide that. For now, I'll record the idea here to ensure it's...
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I recently moved one of my CD racks out by my computer, and picked my favorite 100 CDs to put in it. The rest stay in the bedroom where they're less accessible. The process of shuffling all those CDs around reminded me of one of the really annoying things about CD racks--unless you don't bother...
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Here's my proposal for a phonetic spelling system for English.

1) The only time letters might be doubled is when a vowel sound is held out long, for example, the end of "Utah".

2) Many schwas are not represented by a letter--if there's really a vowel sound in there, we don't punt and call it...
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English spelling is so busted, it sometimes amazes me that the language has been so successful. Take the letter "a" for example. Notice how it's pronounced differently in each of the following words:





Okay, there's a rule for the last one: "when two vowels go walking, the first one does the...
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Rather than simply dropping the Hubble Space Telescope out of orbit and letting it burn up in the atmosphere, NASA should pull it into the the space shuttle's bay on its next flight, bring it back to earth, and sell it, piece by piece, on eBay!

Here's a great gift for someone suffering from empty nest syndrome: baby sounds on CD. One full our of laughs, gurgles, jabbering, and yes, crying, screams and tantrums. The idea is not to fill their home with the familiar sounds of yesteryear, but to remind them of how lucky they are to live in such...
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Watching King of the Jungle tonight, I had an arc for a reality show that audiences would love. The show would start with, for example, fifteen competitors and fourteen judges. At the end of each show, the judges would kick somebody off. After each show, the audience would go online to vote one of the...
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Watching 60 Minutes with my wife tonight, we were "amused" at the story of how Jessica Lynch became famous by getting knocked cold in a car wreck and then getting rescued, while the soldier who saved the lives of the group that was captured that day by singlehandledly picking off 7 people, one by one,...
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