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Grasping the big picture by Antone Roundy


This morning, Seth Godin published something that reminded me of some ideas I've turned over in my head before:

...the rationale ... appears to be that at some point, obedience transforms into self-control. That at some point, people start obeying themselves and become leaders. Self-control is without a doubt one of the building blocks of...
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What is luck? Does it even exist? It depends on your definition.

Here's mine: "luck" is a mysterious force that brings good things to people who have it. It doesn't exist.

What does exist is chance. Chance is random coincidences.

"Lucky" people are really just people who put themselves in a position to benefit from...
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It's been said that capitalism is the worst economic system, except for all the rest.

The power and success of capitalism come from the fact that it tends to channel self-interest in ways that benefit society. A capitalist produces what people want, because that's what people will buy. If he's not able to produce one...
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In Russell Brunson's 100 Million Dollar Challenge, he says that the role of an entrepreneur is (among other things) to spend as much money as possible. His point is valid, but I can't agree entirely.

The theory is that by spending money, entrepreneurs stimulate the economy because jobs are created in order to make the...
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You've heard of the 5 W's--who, what, when where and why--possibly in relation to writing or analyzing news stories or press releases. The 5 W's are also applicable to choosing keywords and sites for AdWords keyword or site-targeted advertising. For example, considering how these five dimensions relate to potential customers for CaRP (my RSS to...
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We are all consumers. If we stop consuming, we die within days. But some of us are more conumption oriented, and some more production oriented. Would you rather use your free time blogging, building a table, or writing a poem or a computer program, or watching TV, going to a movie, eating, or shopping?

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Zeno's paradox: motion is impossible, because to go from one place to another, you have to first go half way. Then to go the rest of the way, you have to first go half way, and so on, so you never quite get there. In fact, you can never get started, because before you can...
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People have always tended to see the world in their own image. However advanced our powers of empathy may become, our own opinions and perceptions remain more prominent in our consciousness than those of others. Lately, I've noticed that the illusions in my world seem to be growing stronger--more completely crowding out the part of...
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If you want to fly, you don't do it by wishing, jumping higher, or beating the earth into submission till it acquiesces and turns gravity off for you. You do it by finding a way within the laws of nature to create sufficient lift to overbalance the force of gravity. It doesn't matter whether we...
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Personal liberty is one of the great ideals upon which U.S. society is founded. Liberty of thought and belief are critical to the preservation of a free society. Freedom of expression and of the press are necessary to protection of them. But freedom of action must often be constrained to preserve a civil society. No...
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