Antone's Dreams:

Social Injustice
Posted by Antone on 8/5/2005
In my dream, I've just returned from Europe. I leave home in the morning to find that some group has posted a billboard claiming that I endangered children in Europe by driving too fast. (As I recall, I may have at some point been driving ever so slightly above the speed limit, but not endangering anyone any more than everyone else on the road was). The group intends to punish me by powdering my head and hair white, and while suspending me in the air, making me apologize to their leader.

Later, as I'm driving home, I see a group of young people by the side of the road watching for me to catch me so that I can be punished. It seems there are four teams taking turns watching for me (those on duty at the time being called the "blue shift"). I drive past them without them realizing who I am, and overhear that they have about 10 more minutes on their shift. I wonder whether I'd be better off getting home at the end of their shift or at the beginning of the yellow or white shift that comes next. Will the blue shift members near my house be tired and easy to get past, or will they be anxious to make the catch and difficult to elude?

I turn to drive up the hill toward home, but my van is having a terrible time climbing the hill. I wonder whether I should turn around and go back to the bottom of the hill to get a running start, but don't want to take the time.

The next day, I go to high school, where it seems I'm a senior. I go to my forensics (debate) class, and there am met by a group of younger students who intend to bring me in for punishment. They voice their charges, thinking I'll just go along. But to their surprise, I respond boldly with questions like whether any of them were there to see whether I was really driving too fast or endangering anyone. After a few of these questions, I get a call on my cell phone, and by the time the call ends, they've all left, apparently not prepared to respond to my questions. I ask the teacher whether she told them to come back after class. She responds indirectly by saying that sometimes people misunderstand what is being said to them, which I take to mean that she said something that they misunderstood to mean that she was telling them to leave and come back later.

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