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Car Repair
Posted by Antone on 1/24/2006
In my dream, my car has been having trouble stalling -- also true in reality :-(. We've discovered that we need to have two little coils and a part that goes with them replaced. Although the replacement cost while they're under warranty is only $46, the initial installation is going to cost $10,000 each. My wife comments on how that's awfully expensive. I speculate that they probably cost about $4 to manufacture, and then observe that the coils are gold plated, which probably drives up the cost a bit more, but certainly not that much.

My wife and I are considering whether to go ahead with the repair. I comment to the mechanic about how the existing coils are probably getting stuck, causing the car to stall. The mechanic says something vague about how that might be it, and I get mad that he won't give us a straight confirmation. At about that point, it occurs to me that we could replace the car for less than the cost of the repair. I give the mechanic a piece of my mind and we leave.


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Dream inquiry
Posted by Liara Covert on 1/10/2007
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