Antone's Dreams:

The Science Tree
Posted by Antone on 10/13/2003
In my dream, I, my brother, and some girl are perhaps a hundred feet up in a tall tree. I look to one side and in an adjacent tree, see a cage with a bird in it that looks like a small toucan, only less colorful. As I look closer, I discover another bird of the same type in the cage. The second bird looks very ratty and is missing lots of feathers. Around the outside of the cage are a few more similar birds.

I discover that the birds are part of a science experiment As I look, I discover a few other experiments of some sort in the tree and learn that this tree is used for science experiments by a local school. I notice that there are also a number of sweaters and cardigans hung on the ends of vertical branches, some stacked on top of the others.

I decide to climb down out of the tree. At first, somewhat aware that I'm dreaming, I consider jumping and floating down. But I'm not entirely confident that this is a dream, and recognizing the danger if it turns out it's not a dream, decide against it.

I descend a few feet and suddenly find myself hanging from two branches with no more branches below me the way I'm going. Before I can climb back up and move around to the other side of the tree (where there are more branches), the branches I'm holding on to break off and I fall. Fortunately, the branches I'm holding have many leaves on them which act like streamers to slow my fall. Just before reaching the round, I flap downward, further slowing my descent, and land uninjured.

I look back up into the tree and see the girl preparing to descend the same way. She has broken off two small branches and holds one in each hand. I express concern that the branches she has broken off may be too small to slow her descent. She gets a few bigger branches, and I tell her how to use them to ensure a soft landing.


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