Antone's Dreams:

Lightning and mud
Posted by Antone on 10/15/2003
In my dream, I am in a one room building on a hillside, surrounded by many people. The walls of the building are mostly covered with windows, so we can see out easily. Outside, a storm is raging. We see a woman walking by on the uphill side of the building and just behind her, sparks are popping up from the ground, indicating that lightning is about to strike. We yell to her to take cover or get down, but she doesn't hear us and walks on oblivious. A bolt of lightning strikes the ground behind her and she is not hurt. Inside, we are all trying to figure out how to protect ourselves if lightning somehow shatters the many windows that surround us. In spite of the danger, I think about how cool it is to be able to see lightning strikes so close up.

Later, rain has washed the building down the hill and we are flowing in the mud down a dirt road. a few cars and trucks come speeding up behind us, looking as if they are going to hit us, but go sailing over us at the last moment.


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