Antone's Dreams:

Saddam the Red and the Essenes
Posted by Antone on 2/20/2004
In my dream, Saddam Hussein is on the polar ice cap. There is a hole in the ice, underneath which a Soviet submarine has come for a prisoner exchange (Saddam seems to be with the Russians). After the prisoner exchange, I see that there are at least five or six small submarines there. The Russian soldiers who participated in the operation are all receiving rewards for their service like bicycles (which come from the west, as if Russia had no bicycles). One takes his ice-encrusted bicycle and happily rides it along the ice.

Upon returning home, a woman in the military who has been on a number of these missions but has never received any of the rewards complains to her superiors and asks for a transfer. The transfer is granted, and I later learn that the place she asked to be transferred to is an Essene convent! (The Essenes were the religious group at Qumran who many believe wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls.)

Not long after her transfer to the convent, the nuns there reject her. Their only choice is to turn her out on the street, which also releases her from the military, which is what she wanted anyway.


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