Antone's Dreams:

Hanging with Ozzy
Posted by Antone on 9/14/2004
In my dream, I walk into a room where Ozzy Osbourne is performing for a small group. The music isn't nearly as loud as would usually be expected. I think he is performing Revelation Mother Earth.

After he finishes, some woman and I are talking to him. He pulls out some piece of sheet music to give to me, and makes some comment about having enjoyed some song I sung at the Olympics (I was a volunteer at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake, but I didn't sing--I was an interpreter). I'm suprised to find that he remembers the song and my name. As he's signing the music or something, I look over it and see that it would be good music for saxophone (I own a saxophone and can play just a little).

After that, we all hang out a little longer together.

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