Antone's Dreams:

Posted by Antone on 2/24/2003
In my dream, I am at my uncle's house (which is completely different from how it appears in reality). I am playing with some toy cars that run around a track (though they're not like slot cars). The track is somehow suspended above me. One of the cars comes off the track. To get it back up, I decide to move it using telekinesis. I hold it in my hand and successfully will it up onto the track.

Eventually, I tire of playing with the cars, so I try to figure out how to turn them off, but they just keep going. Someone tells me that to stop them, you have to put them on a straight section of track in the middle of the oval they've been running around. I move them there with telekinesis.

Later in the dream, I am about to leave for home. The stairs that lead up to the room where I had been staying have been replaced with a ladder that goes up through a trap door onto a catwalk that leads to the door of the room. I look and see that the catwalk, and the way to it, are filled with people, so I decided to float up beside them instead of walking and trying to get through the crowd. I stand in the air beside the catwalk when it meets the door to the room and will my luggage out to me.

As I am floating back down, I look into my suitcase in my minds eye to verify whether a few hundred dollars I had in my wallet is still there. I discover that a few hundred dollars are missing, so I ask who's in charge of security (by this time, the building has ceased to be my uncle's house). Security is on the third floor, so I float up there and find that one of my cousins is in charge.

As the dream continues, the issue of the money is forgotten, and instead the scene is something related to my cousin's wedding. Pictures of a bunch of us from the family and extended family as children, and I suppose following a timeline to the present line the walls.


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Posted by avboxer on 6/20/2006

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