Antone's Dreams:

Posted by Antone on 2/25/2003
In my dream, I'm skiing with a few family members. We have skied a run that takes us far from the lifts. Finally we reach a fork in the run. The rest of my family heads one direction which eventually leads to a parking lot somewhere, but not the resort parking lot. I stay at the fork and climb back up a few times to ski one part of the run.

Eventually I decide to take the other fork and head back to the resort. I end up on a snowed-over road doing a lot of pushing to keep moving. At one point, I get off the road, staying to the high side of the hill, and soon find myself at the top of a cliff about 60 feet directly above the road. In noticed that I'm actually standing on snow that is on a tree leaning out over the road. The branches that are holding the snow give way, and I start falling down. There are some people I know down on the road. As I'm falling, I see a tree below me which I am able to use to slow my fall. I manage to come to a stop inches above the road, and then let myself gently down, making some comment about that being a pretty soft landing for such a fall. With the others I've met, I continue back toward the ski resort.


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