Antone's Dreams:

If the price is right
Posted by Antone on 2/25/2003
In my dream, my wife and I are in the audience of some game show, sitting on the front or second row, right in front of the contestants. At one point, each of the two contestants gets a prize. One of them opens a closet right behind her revealing perhaps fifteen coats, identical except perhaps in size, which look almost like a ski parka I've had since high school which my wife now wears. Comparing it to my wife's coat, I notice that some of the items which are stitched on to the outside of the coat (which in reality don't appear on the real coat at all) are in different places, but they are otherwise identical. The brand of the coat is also different from the real one--I believe it was the name of a car company or something.

My wife is off talking to someone a little ways away and the man sitting next to me says something like "so, did you pick up your prize?" I perceive that he's referring to the coat, and seems to want to buy it from me. I point out that it's not one of the prize coats, but one I've had for maybe fifteen years since I was in high school (not quite the right number of years in reality). He still sounds like he wants the coat, so I say something like, "if you'd like to buy it, you'll have to ask my wife about that." When she returns, he uses the same line, "so, have your picked up your prize?" to start the conversation with her.


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