Antone's Dreams:

Rock climbing and auto parts
Posted by Antone on 2/26/2003
In my dream, I'm rock climbing with two of my brothers. One brother has lead a route, and I'm following behind. I get to the first bolt and find the rope run in some strange way so that when I unclip it, it is tied in a knot. To keep the knot from tightening down to too sharp a bend and damaging the rope if I take a fall, I clip a caribiner through the knot.

A little later, I'm swinging on the rope, trying to get down to where I can pick up some item we left on the ground below. I end up somehow coming off the rope holding onto a piece of plastic that's bolted to a roof which has appeared over the place where we're climbing. I can't hold onto the plastic for long, and from there end up landing on something resembling the metal support structure for a billboard.

Later in the dream, I've gone somewhere and returned to the base of the route. To get to the route, one has to climb on top of a building that I think was an auto parts or tire store. Standing on the back, left corner of the roof, one sees a map of the routes up the cliff and a few in the surrounding area. I notice that there are a few routes that look good by a lake that is just down the hill and around the corner.

Another climber shows up and shows me an object that looks like a lozenge which is apparently some sort of token given to a person who establishes a new route. He seems quite proud of it.


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