Antone's Dreams:

Diving for diamonds
Posted by Antone on 3/5/2003
In my dream, I am in a deep swimming pool, perhaps 15-20 feet deep. Someone has dived down to the bottom and come up with a diamond. Looking down into the pool, I can see that there are lots of diamonds on the bottom that have fallen out of people's rings as they were swimming.

I dive down to the bottom, pick a bunch up, and come back to the surface. I deposit my load by the side of the pool and go back down for more, repeating this a few times. Some times I nearly run out of air before getting back to the surface, and others I push off from the bottom hard enough to surface quickly. One time, I come up so fast that I fly all the way out of the water.

Someone who works at the pool looks over the diamonds I've retrieved, and it turns out that most of them are fakes. Seeing one blue gem that I retrieved, he comments to those who are listening that it is worth $1,000. It seems it is the only item of value in that batch.


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