Antone's Dreams:

Bad grades and roller blades
Posted by Antone on 3/5/2003
In my dream, I'm at a university. I've just gotten a test back from the teacher which I was not well prepared for, and my score is not very good. After considering and rejecting a few strategies for arguing for more points, I head for home.

I take the elevator down to the ground floor of the building and starting putting on my roller blades. Then I notice a sign on the outside of the glass door saying that rollerblading is not allowed in the building. I take a skate off, but then put it back on again and go out of the building (figuring I won't be in the building with them on long enough for it to matter).

As I'm leaving, I pick up all my books and bags and things, putting some items in very big bags. My hands are both full of various items, and someone helps me pick up the last item. I skate fairly well (not too far from reality--I've gotten a lot better while playing roller hockey over the last few years). Someone comments on that.

As I head home, the dream changes. I'm skating with two other people, one of whom is my wife. We get to a door which leads into a goblin or orc infested tunnel through which we will skate. As we get near where the underworld creatures are, my wife takes the lead in heading straight down the steep tunnel so as to go fast enough to get by them. the dream ends as we are rocketing down the tunnel.


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