Antone's Dreams:

Feral fish and filiality
Posted by Antone on 3/12/2003
In my dream, I see a fish tank full of goldfish. It is my fish tank which was recently "vacated" by the last of our platties (named "Methuselah" because he outlived all the other fish we ever had in the tank.) I wonder whether we have given the tank to someone else, because I don't remember buying more fish. It turns out they are owned by my elder brother.

As I watch, more kinds of fish appear. One of the bigger ones opens his mouth and in a single chomp takes in three or four of the others. I'm thinking this tank of fish is in trouble. But then, the big fish looks little sick and sinks slowly down toward the bottom of the tank. Apparently, one of the creatures he swallowed has bitten his stomach. One by one, they come back out his mouth. The last one out is a little snake, which hisses at the swallower as he comes out. The big fish then changes to resemble a cobra and hisses back.

Later, I notice something a little odd in the tank. There is a water line near the top, and another one near the bottom. I can't tell for sure whether the tank is full or nearly empty. The water line at the top has gotten covered with a thin layer of the rocks from the bottom of the tank, and we discover that these are holding the water above them as it circulates back in from the filter. The layers of rocks crumbles and the tank fills again, reviving fish that had started to suffer from being out of water.

Some of the fish got buried when the rocks caved in, so we are unburying them. I am under the tank working on it from the bottom (it has a thin plastic bottom like a sandwich bag). One of the fish has a dish under it, holding it in place. I slide the dish a little. My brother, seeing me doing that moves something in the tank which was covering that fish, and the fish instantly dissolves.

He is angry with me for the loss of the fish. I explain that I was keeping it in the dish, but he still blames me. I apologize, but he doesn't accept the apology, and replies in some rude way. At that point, I cease to feel apologetic, make some rude comment back, and swing a halfhearted fist that hits his head lightly (neither of which is at all like the real me!) He comes back, ready for a fight, and I, who never really intended to make a fight of it anyway, then apologize again, and the incident ends.
I go to a piano in the next room, intending to pound the keys a little to work off the frustration, but someone else is playing another piano in the same room.


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