Antone's Dreams:

Posted by Antone on 3/17/2003
In my dream, I'm some sort of military special forces person. I've captured a one-man solar-powered helicopter (thus the title "helio-copter") from the enemy and am flying it out over the ocean. The heliocopter is just big enough for a person to lie down, pretty much filling its entire body. The body is fairly flat and rounded at the ends, as well as the edges. It has a propellor at each end, and the tops of the blades (and perhaps of the body of the craft) are colar panels.

As night falls, it loses power, so I float on the ocean in it for the night. In the morning I continue on and get to a little town on the coast. I go into a little restaurant. Seeing that I've been spotted by the enemy, I ask where the bathroom is, head back, sneak out the window, and climb up on the roof.


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