Antone's Dreams:

Pancakes, royal reunions and samurai
Posted by Antone on 3/17/2003
In my dream, I'm eating pancakes with extended family. They all finish and clean up, but I want one more pancake, so I walk down to the other end up the table and open a cupboard to look for the butter and syrup.

Before I find them, the dream changes somewhat, and I'm some sort of servant of a young man in the royal family. He is accompanying a young lady somewhere, and I am going with them. We go down two escalators. I'm sort of skipping or dancing to some music, perhaps the young woman's singing. Occasionally I think that I'd better be careful not to do anything the young lord would take exception to.

The young man says something about his childhood, and the young woman responds by talking about a boy she knew as a child. As the description continues, it becomes clear that she is talking about him--that she remembers knowing him as a child. He realizes that she is is long lost younger sister. He shows her a photograph of her mother, whom she has never met (I believe she died in childbirth when the young woman was born).

We continue on to a building that appears to be some sort of storehouse containing ancient oriental statues and other things. The young man points through a dirty window at some things inside and tells the young woman that they are hers, inherited from her mother.

There is a ladder built up the wall of the building to the roof, and they begin to ascend it. I climb up the wall. From the roof, we look across a river and see British soldiers in red coats and golden helmets riding horses down a trail on the other side. They are followed by blue creature that look like something out of Lord of the Rings. We realize that the enemy is attacking and send a runner to alert our army.

We start shooting arrows at the approaching enemy, which now includes samurai type warriors. I hide behind the lip of the building while stringing up each arrow, and then stand and quickly shoot, hitting my mark with each shot. Our small group holds off the enemy very well, and they begin to retreat beyond the range of our bows.

The building we are on then begins to lean, and suddenly tips over, throwing us into the river bed. Fortunately there isn't a lot of water in it, so we aren't swept away. There is a large, thick mattress over our heads protecting us from enemy arrows which came off the roof of the building (or was the roof of the building). We think to use it for cover while moving upstream in pursuit of the enemy, but pause for a moment, considering that if it moves upstream, the enemy will know we're alive under it. We decide that as long as it's protecting us, it doesn't so much matter that they know were alive, so we head upstream.

As we go, I somehow manage to get a horse, perhaps by knocking someone off of theirs. The horse is running upriver with me riding. A British soldier comes galloping down the river bed on his horse, and I turn to follow him. Although earlier in the dream we were enemies, that aspect seems to fade, and it's almost more like a competition to see who can ride faster while dodging around bushes and such. Despite some disadvantage, like not having a saddle and reigns or something, I'm confident I can out ride him, but he gets ahead a bit.

A bit later I end up at a village downstream and meet up with a young boy who it seems may be my son.


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