Antone's Dreams:

Stolen good returned
Posted by Antone on 3/23/2003
In my dream, I am at the house where I grew up. A package is delivered to me and I am told that it contains items intercepted at Heathrow. I open it and find, among other things, two guitars which were stolen from me (in reality) about 10 years ago--one electric (an Ibanez pf300 with a sunburst finish) and one classical (I believe a Goya, which was my mom's till she gave it to me since I was the one who played it).

The electric guitar's neck has been broken and bolted back together, with the piece nearer the tuning pegs bolted on top of the piece connected to the body. It still plays find despite the length of the neck having been changed and the fact that there's a drop of nearly an inch in the level of the fretboard at that point.

As I look the guitar over, I discover that someone has made some modifications to the electronics, a number of wires and switches to it. (In reality, I added a switch to it myself to allow me to put the two pickups out of phase with each other.)

I start noodling around a little and find myself doing a surprisingly good job of playing something from "Passion, Grace and Fire" by Al DiMeola, John McLaughlin and Paco de Lucia.


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