Antone's Dreams:

The FBI gets personal
Posted by Antone on 4/3/2003
In my dream, the FBI has asked for the romantic history of everyone in my family. I am shown a list of the people in the family who they still need more information from and what those people have said so far. Most of the people on the list are my little neices and nephews.

I get in the back of a truck with one of the FBI people to head down to their headquarters and answer some questions. Along the way, we're rounding corners very fast on a steep slope. The FBI guy makes a comment about how Chinese drivers (like the person driving the truck) take corners really fast, but never go off the road.

At HQ, there's a long line of people, but since I've got an FBI escort, we walk in past it. While I'm waiting for them to find some info in their files, I think about who I'm going to need to tell them about. It occurs to me to wonder what in their report on me so far makes them feel it's important to know about my dating history, but that question is not answered before I wake up.


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