Antone's Dreams:

A POW's easy escape
Posted by Antone on 4/3/2003
In my dream, I and another person are some sort of military special forces people. We are in a building full of south-east Asians. A girl tries to steal my ID card, but I notice and take it back. She then takes my partner's ID, throws it out a door and closes the door. To her surprise, I'm able to retrieve it. I get in a little scuffle with a man who's working with the girl.

The dream shifts, and I'm riding in a cell on the back of a boat. The walls and celing are painted red, white and blue, indicating to me that this cell is intended to carry U.S. prisoners. I notice a boat that looks like a sports car coming up behind us with some of my friends in it. It comes up so close that the front of it is under the back of my cell. I notice that the cell door is only held closed with some platic snaps, so I open it easily. I catch the door with my foot to keep if from swinging open wide enough that my captors will see it in their mirror.

The sports-car boat moves into position so that I am able to jump out and land in an open window (which is slanted up at about a 45 degree angle, making it easy to drop in from above).


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