Antone's Dreams:

Underwater kayaking
Posted by Antone on 4/11/2003
In my dream, my family and perhaps some extended family are climbing into kayaks at the edge of a small lake. Once I'm in mine (which is sitting on the shore), I push off into the water. As I go in, my kayak sinks about a foot and a half and stays underwater. There's quite a crowd in front of me, so I decide to go all the way under, move past them all, and then surprise them by popping up in front. My father and a brother do the same.

About 6 feet under water, we paddle our way forward. The lake has now become a swimming pool. I exhale a little and begin to inhale, but remember that I'm underwater and stop. The others point their kayaks straight up and popup up to the surface. I try to do them same, but as I continue to paddle, I don't seem to be getting nearer the surface. I wonder whether I blew too much air out to float before I realized I couldn't breathe underwater. I continue paddling, and as I'm beginning to wonder whether I'll make it, I awake.


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