Antone's Dreams:

Who needs a rope when you can fly?
Posted by Antone on 4/15/2003
In my dream, I'm in the mountains by a lake. Discovering that I can float or fly, I go skipping across a lake and up the mountainside, where I find a large crag. I go to the top of the crag and find a climbing rope anchored to something there. As I look down where the rope is hanging, I see that there is a narrow gap between the rock I'm at the top of and another that's leaning against it. About 20 feet down and pinched between the two, I see a sleeping bag and other gear and signs that someone has been there.

I become concerned that someone might have been climbing up between the two rocks when the one fell against the other, trapping and injuring them. I call down into the crack, and as I move a few feet to get a better look, I see that there is a couple in their sleeping bags an a ledge a little way down. The climbing rope is tied to them so that they won't fall if they roll in their sleep. I'm relieved to see that everyone is okay.

They wake, and the scene changes a little so that now they are all the way down on the ground and not tied to the rope. The area between the rocks is much larger than before. As we talk a little, I hold onto the rope and vary my weight (remember that I'm able to float) so that I'm stretching the rope more or less and moving up and down. I wonder whether the people will notice and wonder how I do it, but they never comment.


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