Antone's Dreams:

Dad's service shovel
Posted by Antone on 4/23/2003
In my dream, a friend and I are on the roof of some building. I've gotten a bunch of stickers in my socks and pants from plants that are growing up beside the house and am picking them out before jumping off the roof.

While I'm doing this, my friend mentions something I apparently told him once about a shovel he's holding--how when my dad was at the military facility that we are at (until this point in the dream, there had been no indication of what the building was), he had carried that shovel around doing good deeds with it. Another friend who was down on the ground commented sceptically that he shouldn't believe every story he hears, but the friend on the roof asserted again that it was true and asked me to verify it.

Thinking about the story, I remembered that when my dad left that place, he decided at length to throw the shovel away (literally, not dropping it in the trash), feeling that it had done it's time, and now it was time to move on to other kinds of service.


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