Antone's Dreams:

Dodging buffalo
Posted by Antone on 5/5/2003
In my dream, I'm walking down out of the mountains across a long field. At the far end of the field there is a chain link fence about 30 feet high with barbed wire along the top. There is a gate in the fence which runs all the way up to the top.

A little in front of the fence are two buffalo. One is tied to a tether about fifty feet long, the other end of which is attached to a stake. The other is enourmous--perhaps 20 feet tall--and has hideously matted hair, where it hasn't been plucked out. He doesn't quite look like a buffalo, but more like some kind of monster.

A group of people in front of me have gotten past the buffalo and through the gate. I find myself walking past close enough to the stake that the tethered buffalo would be able to reach me. He starts moving towards me, and I turn and run parallel to the fence--the quickest way to get beyond his reach--just managing to get out of range before the tether stops him.

As I continue around toward the fence, I see the monster buffalo coming towards me. I run into a small stand of trees for protection and begin to climb. The trees are not very thick and start bending over, so I hang on to three at a time high enough that the beast can't reach me, but not entirely confident that he won't be able to knock the trees over. As he gets near, I decide to make a run for the fence, which I do, and manage to climb up to the top and out of reach. Before I figure out how to deal with the barbed wire on the top, the dream ends.


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