Antone's Dreams:

Catching baseballs
Posted by Antone on 5/17/2003
In my dream, I'm standing behind and a little off to the right of the batter's box watching some baseball players practice. Left field runs up a fairly steep hill. I put on a left handed mitt and start catching balls that come my way, making some fairly spectacular catches. Unfortunately, since I'm right handed, when I throw the ball with my left hand, it generally falls a bit short.

Nevertheless, having caught the attention of the coaches, I head up the hill into left field and make some more great catches and bad throws. I switch to a right handed mitt, but the finger holes are a little small, and I can't quite get it on right. I catch a few balls that way, but throwing the ball down the hill back toward the diamond, I misjudge the slope, and my right-handed throws come up short too.


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