Antone's Dreams:

Elephant Ride
Posted by Antone on 10/5/2003
In my dream, I'm in a classroom. For some reason (I wasn't working hard enough, I knew something the teacher didn't...?), the teacher does not like me.

A little later, we're outside. I'm on the top of a wall or a short cliff overlooking a bunch of people below. The teacher is there and looks up at me maliciously. He sends his bull elephant over to harrass me, who picks me up and puts me on his back and starts to run through some building. I call for help from some of the people in the building as the elephant runs past them.

Eventually, the elephant and I become friends. He lays down and I rub the bottoms of his feet, which are thick, but surprisingly soft. On his rear feet, he has some kind of prosthetic device that appears to be intended to reduce shock (They are a few inches thick and have springs in them).


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