Antone's Dreams:

Computer voice recognition and expensive food
Posted by Antone on 10/9/2003
In my dream, I'm in a room full of bookshelves. It looks like a library, but seems to be part of a company I used to work for. A number of my old coworkers are there. I'm working on a computer at a table at the end of a row of books. What I'm doing is related to a piece of software that recognizes the voices of the people around the computer and automatically pulls in their data, configuration, etc. across the network. The company is implementing this system to allow anyone to move seamlessly around the company and use any computer.

Later, I'm trying to find something on the bookshelves in connection with wanting to order a copy of some software. It seems that I can get the software for free or very cheap, and I get something like a free t-shirt with it. One of the other people in the room comments that they have a copy of the software burned on a CD-ROM, so I don't need to order it. I say "of course", but am secretly disappointed that I don't get whatever the freebie was.

After that, a bunch of us head upstairs to the caferteria for lunch. I take the stairs and everyone else takes the elevator. Near the top, I see a bunch of children.

I get into the caferteria and ask the person working there how much the food is. They say that a big serving of something or other (something like a pot pie? or was it fries?) costs $5.00, but that the cashier had told them that because of all the fifth-graders who were there that day, the price would be lower. They don't tell me the price of a smaller serving, nor what that lower price would be.

As I'm standing waiting for some ketchup or mustard to be put on something I'm holding, there's a largish woman standing next to me. Just as the caferteria worker moves to squirt some mustard (I believe) for me, the largish woman walks between us, getting some condiment on her soft, pink sweater.


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