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The symbols on the homepage and favicon
Posted by Antone on 12/20/2002
The symbols on the homepage and the "favicon" (which for now you'll only see if your browser can display GIF favicons) are composed of the letters in my name and my wife's nickname, stylized a bit. You'll notice that the favicon is taken from the bottom part of the symbol on the homepage. The favicon is just my name, "Antone". The other symbol contains "Antone", "Nicci" and "Roundy".

Heres where to find all the letters:

Antone: the A is pretty obvious. Both n's are formed by the little arc at the bottom. The t is formed the vertical line plus part of the o, which is also obvious. The e is formed by part of the vertical line and the arc at the bottom--look at it sideways and it's a capital e. I suppose you could make a lowercase e with the o and the t, but that wasn't the original idea, so although it's better, that's not the e.

Nicci: the only part that may need pointing out is that the i's are formed by the vertical parts of the N.

Roundy: R comes from the part of the circle from 7:30 clockwise around to 3:00, the horizotnal line, and the line from the middle to 4:30. The o is the circle. The u is the bottom half of the circle. The n is the two lines that slant into the middle and the part of the circle from 3:00 to 4:30. The d is the circle (a capital D, rounded out), and the Y is the parts of the circle from 9:00 to 10:30 and from 1:30 to 3:00, the horizontal line, and the line slanting from the middle to 7:30.

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