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The knowledge of God avoids crime and corruption
Posted by dattaswami on 9/7/2008
The knowledge of God avoids crime and corruption in devotee

Now the criminal nature is put off, – society becomes peaceful.
Similarly the devotee will not be corrupt – by knowing God’s nature.
God will give you whatever is necessary – at the appropriate time.
You are His devotee, why to worry? – no need of corruption.
Even if you accumulate wealth, – it may harm your family.
Your child may be spoiled due wealth, – then wealth is harmful.
Yes, the wealth is terrible poison, – if it is earned by corruption.
God may bless your child directly – to earn infinite wealth here,
If He is pleased with your selfless service, - which is better?
The knowledge of God avoids – crime and corruption in devotee.

If individuals are transformed – the society is perfectly peaceful.
You cannot control crime and corruption – by employing controllers.
Controllers become criminal and corrupt, – no end to your effort.
Ancient kings supported – the propagation of spiritual knowledge.
It could control the sin, – crime and corruption are the two halves of
The sin, you are spending ten times – on employing controllers, but
There is no trace of control, - spend a small part of it on scholars
To propagate spiritual knowledge, – the sin is controlled fully.

In the name of secularism – the present Government neglects
This aspect and tries to cure – symptom of disease but not cause.
At Thy Lotus Feet His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

Anil Antony
Universal Spirituality for World Peace


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