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Sri Darwin Gross: Ancient Teachings of the Masters
Posted by bill flavell on 3/27/2003
Official Ancient Teachings of the (Bourchakoum) Masters (ATOM) Web

Unauthorized Web Site Regarding Sri Darwin Gross Sri Darwin's side
of the 1983 Eckankar split):

Sri Paul Twitchell/Sri Darwin Gross/Eckankar History:

Please keep in mind that the author of this piece is a member of
Eckankar and is loyal to the current leadership of Eckankar, which
ousted Sri Darwin Gross in a board of trustees/Higher Initiate
"coup de tat" in August of 1983, and have been
mis-representing themselves as the legitimate spiritual and literary
successors of Sri Paul Twitchell since that time.

However, Eckankar ripped off the copyrights to Sri Paul Twitchell's
writings and a bunch of historical documentation during that period,
so this piece has a lot of references to first-hand documentation
that is not available outside of the current organization of


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