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The Cubs vs. Mariner's game-October 14, 2003
Posted by autobabe04 on 10/16/2003
For those of you who watched the Cubs play the Mariners and almost win their biggest chance in history to the World Series in 100 years, I feel really bad for the kid who "got" the ball on that game. I mean, the way I see it, the umpire should've called it and there were five people out to get that ball. This kid just happened to be the closest one to the mit. We are raised in America to "reach out, and grab that ball" when we see it coming towards the stands. It's a part of the way we grow up and I honestly believe this kid and that ball were a coincidence (or however that's spelled!) and I think it would be awesome if everyone prays for this kid. He probably wishes he never went and doesn't want the ball anyways (can anyone blame him?). Most of the world probably won't let him live it down; the least we can do is our part and support him in being human. Any comments?


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