I've just set up a 7 day email mini-course, 7 ways to turn RSS into R$$. When you register, you also get a free download of CaRP Free, an RSS to HTML converter for your website, and if you stay on the mailing list, updated versions will be sent to you as they're released.

This is my first foray into the realm of autoresponders. I set up an account with aweber last week after I finally decided that I couldn't wait till I had time to write my own autoresponder software. In the past, CaRP Free and Grouper Free had been downloadable without leaving an email address. I had built small email lists by letting people sign up to be notified when new versions were released, but only a small percentage of people who downloaded signed up.

Under the new system, you get the download immediately when you sign up, but before you complete the double opt in. During the few days that the system was running that way, about 25% of people who downloaded completed the double opt in. Hopefully the added incentive will increase that percentage. But in any case, I'm building an opt in list orders of magnitude faster than I was under the old system.