In my dream, I am arriving at a place where a laser-tag like game is played (more description later). As I arrive, I'm with some Japanese friends, some of whom I believe were former coworkers at Claris, but later, it seems I'm with a group of singles from my church.At the opening of the game building, a lady is handing out weapons. Next to her is a monitor showing some strategy tips for the game. It's mostly in Japanese, but has some things in English too. It shows space ships shooting different types of weapons, and recommends using certain weapons against certain enemies, and not wasting the better ones on ships that can be taken out with more plentiful but less powerful weapons. (None of this ends up having anything to do with the game).

Because I was watching the video, I end up being the last one in our group to get a weapon. I don't remember what it was she handed me, but I do remember that it was about as effective a weapon as a piece of thread tied to the end of a straw. I hand it back, saying "I KNOW you have better weapons than this left". She takes it back, and indeed she does have better weapons. She hands me a blue plastic device that shoots a yellow plastic ball about 4 inches in diameter, which is connected to the weapon by a brown or black string perhaps 20 feet long (to ease retrieval of the projectile).

By the time I've gotten my weapon, the next group has arrived and is already starting to enter the game, so I run through their group to catch up with mine. The enemies that they are fighting recognize that I'm not part of that group and let me go by.

I catch up to my group in some sort of presentation room. It has several rows of padded seats arranged in a semicircle facing the front. To the front are two openings where people can come in a bit off to each side of the center. In the back, the opening through which I entered has a wall in front of it just inside the door, so that one goes in and then turns either right or left to enter the room (this wall was there after I was in the room, at least part of the time, but I seem to remember it not being there as I entered.)

When I arrive, my group is fending off enemies that are coming out of the two openings at the front of the room. Some (enemies and my group?) have laser weapons. With my weapon, I try to shoot a spot on an enemy's chest where there's a button. On one shot, I miss, so I try to kick him there instead, but it seems that for some reaon, a foot is unable to press the button sufficiently. There are also some sort of scorpion-like creatures all over the room that we must defeat.