The electronic crystal ball has shown me two words: "arrogant hermit". I see a sword. I see a stone. I see a bone. The future becomes clear.

Archaeologists hope to unearth the remains of medieval knight Galgano Guidotti, an arrogant and lustful knight who later became a hermit. A sword reputed to have been miraculously thrust into a stone by him in 1180 sets over a 6 1/2 by 3-foot cavity that may be his tomb. This much you can learn without a crystal ball.

I foresee that the cavity will be found to contain bones. However, a moment's glance will reveal that they are not from a human. Further analysis will confirm that they are rabbit bones, and that they have human tooth marks on them. I ... uh ... "aftsee" (?) that the rabbit was eaten by Guidotti after his sword pierced both the stone and the rabbit in a single blow. I foresee that speculation will arise that this rabbit is the real rabbit from the Monty Python version of the King Arthur legend. I further foresee that as a result of the confirmation provided by the rabbit, Monty Python's Holy Grail will be taught as historical fact at the university level.

Can this future be avoided? It can by releasing an edited version of the movie featuring a vicious badger with sharp pointy teeth.