The electronic crystal ball has shown me two words: "attain Bangkok". I see basketballs. I see tennis balls. I see buckyballs. The future becomes clear.

Grand Sport Group of Thailand has acquired ball making technology from Spalding, and is planning to begin manufacture of millions of tennis balls. This much you can learn without a crystal ball.

I foresee that their next acquisition will be buckyball making technology (buckyballs are a peculiar soccer-ball-shaped molecule made from carbon). I foresee that the CIA will investigate Grand Sport Group, suspecting that they intend to manufacture hand grenades that look like tennis balls. Where the buckyballs come in, I can't say--what do I know about hand grenades? I foresee that the U.S. military will demolish Grand's tennis ball factory with football shaped smart bombs. The smart bombs will contain no buckyballs.

Can this future be avoided? Sort of. The major events will occur as foreseen, but the specifics ban be changed by either adding buckyballs to the smart bombs, or using golf-ball shaped projectiles.