I won! In Bubble Wrap had a quick contest today to see who could send in the first iBW-themed haiku, the winner getting a copy of The Big Moo. Here's my entry, which turned out to be first:

Sleep awakens my
floating world of ecstasy
bathed in Bubble Wrap

The "floating world", or "ukiyo" in Japanese, refers to worldly or earthly things. Japanese art has a genre named "ukiyoe" or "floating world picture" which "originally depicted daily life in the 'floating world' of the Edo pleasure quarters, but eventually developed into a sophisticated art form that greatly influenced the European impressionist school." (source)

In Bubble Wrap describes itself as "a site dedicated to giving you the opportunity to win FREE business related prizes. Each day (Monday – Friday) brings a new contest with new prizes for you to win." Prizes are sent, you guessed it, in bubble wrap. I'll have to Photoshop up a little dream collage to go with the haiku when I get mine!